We provide full range of accounting and bookkeeping services to help you with your business. We use current up to date software including QuickBooks.  We can help you keep track of the invoices you need to pay, your billing and who owes you money.  We can look after your Bookkeeping at your office or our. If you prefer to have our services on daily or periodic basis, we can assist you in getting started and set up a schedule to have your work reviewed according to your business needs. We offer the following services:



Producing accurate payroll records is a vital part of doing business. If you make a mistake it can cost you money and upset your staff. If you deduct too much from your staff they get their money back when they file their tax return. Any over contribution by the employer to EI or CPP are not automatically returned.
We can customize a payroll service to meet your needs. Choose from the list to the left:


Although you only do your taxes once a year, the financial decisions you make throughout that year can have a major impact on them. Take advantage of our advisory and tax saving provisions which could help you to lower your tax bill and even increase your refund. We offer wide range of business and personal tax services in a professional and friendly atmosphere.


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